Not Your Grandfather’s Hardwood: The Prodigal Son Returns to The Linoleum Floor

I think it’s time for my kitchen to go back to a linoleum floor covering. Years ago, I covered up the linoleum with adhesive tiles that I purchased from the home store. I liked the tiles when they were new, but as the years went on, they started shifting around and I got tired of them. They served their purpose of giving my kitchen floor a new look, but they just couldn’t stand up to linoleum.

The linoleum covering that I had before the tiles came with the home and I thought it was fine. That design is a little outdated now, and there are probably some better-looking designs that have a more modern look. Rather than putting the linoleum down like I did with the adhesive tiles, I’m going to have someone else do it. I’ve gotten a lot older since the day when I put in the adhesive tile, and I can’t do that kind of work like I did before. I’ll just leave it to the young guys who are still in their prime.

I’ve got my eye on a checkerboard linoleum pattern that I think will go great with the granite counter tops that I bought a few months ago.

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