How Thick Do Hardwood Floors Have To Be In Order To Be Refinished?

When people go to start a refinishing project on hardwood flooring, they often have questions. One of the questions they have is how thick the hardwood flooring must be for it to be refinished. That’s a good question, and it helps to know the standard for hardwood flooring when it comes to thickness. There are different thicknesses, but the standard is going to be three-quarters of an inch. And in those cases, the floor can definitely be refinished.

Is there any hardwood flooring out there that is less than three-quarters of an inch thick? Some of the engineered wood flooring planks and other types of fake wood might be less than three-quarters of an inch. Of course, these types of flooring surfaces cannot be refinished. If your flooring is less than three-quarters of an inch thick, are you completely certain that you are attempting to refinish hardwood flooring?

If you have determined that the thickness of the flooring you are refinishing is adequate, then you can get started with a project. However, you certainly want to be prepared for what you are about to take on. For example, people that have gone before you will tell you that this is a very dirty job. You want to make many preparations, and it is also recommended by the experts that you certainly take your time.

You do want that hardwood flooring to look good when you are done. Not only do you want to make sure the wood flooring is thick enough, to begin with, but you also need to know what you’re doing when you sand the flooring surface. Experts also say that you have to watch out for nails that pop up, and there are other things to consider that you want to know ahead of time before you get started.

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