Do Hardwood Floors Increase Property Values?

When people are looking to update their homes with the latest trends, they often want to consider upgrades that will add value to their properties. The most common question is: do hardwood floors really add value to a home? Meanwhile, many people falsely believe that they do, the reality is they add more appeal rather than value.

Hardwood flooring is desirable in any home because potential buyers always believe that a home looks more updated and in better condition when it has clean floors. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that brand-new hardwood flooring will ultimately increase the home’s value by several thousand dollars. It will help you sell your home and find more interested buyers, but there are far more important factors to consider in the overall worth of your property.

Potential buyers, find value in homes that have updated roofing, new appliances, better countertops, and overall curb appeal. When you look around, think of all of the upgrades that would make potential buyers fall in love with your property. Certainly, your hardwood flooring will play an important role, but no buyer wants to deal with expensive or necessary upgrades right after they purchase your home.

Another aspect of hardwood flooring to understand is that the flooring needs to be of high quality and actual hardwood if it’s going to add any value. You can purchase plenty of laminate flooring materials that look authentic, but potential buyers will always know the difference, therefore, the value is very minimal. In short, it makes sense to choose hardwood flooring that you can enjoy and pass on to the next buyer.

Hardwood flooring alone doesn’t add enough value to your property to justify your increasing the asking price. On the other hand, updated flooring can help you sell your property faster and to find an interested buyer. If you hope to increase property values significantly, you are going to have to make more upgrades than just the flooring.

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