Are Hardwoods Associated With Cancer?

Hardwood itself is a natural product, like a tree standing planted outside your home. It will not cause cancer. Though, what can be of concern to a homeowner or a building owner is the fumes that hardwood floor refinishing give off.

The process is a bit rough on the lungs. So, if you already have asthma, allergies, or even a cold, you are going to want to rent a respirator. If you will be performing the process yourself be sure to have goggles and gloves as well.

The other question is whether the presence of the polyurethane on the floors will cause cancer. It’s been used as a sealant that leaves a great protective coating on the wood flooring since the 1960’s. For more than 50 years it has done full-time duty.

Now the questions arise whether it is safe or not. It most likely is, though there are components within polyurethane mattresses that are considered questionable. For the purposes of flooring, it’s fortunately not something we are generally lying on with direct contact to our face and skin.

And, over the years it probably is fairly calm and stable, right? Well, the issue with the mattress material of the same type of material is that it is not a stable material.

The jury is still out on whether polyurethane is unsafe or not. Not that most people gave it much consideration. It seems that because cancer rates have risen as the ability to diagnose cancer has increased that it may no actually mean that there is any increase in cancers associated with flooring.

In addition, it appears there are so many other carcinogens around a home that it could be many other things that are the culprit. Of course, it probably does not compare to all the carcinogens people ingest through our food supply.

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